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The Transformation Begins. Day 1!

July 19, 2010

Today marks the first official day of my strict paleo diet, and the restart of my workout program. So far, all’s going fairly well – my energy levels were fine, my thoughts were clear, and it was quite a good day. In the next day or so I’ll put my starting measurements and a couple “before” pics up. Ah, the tension builds!

Breakfast: Approx. 6:15 am. 3 strips of nitrite-free bacon, 2 free range hard-boiled eggs, a bowl of chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes with a sprinkling of blueberries, a small glass of coconut milk, approx. 7 pecan halves, and 3 fish oil capsules. Energy levels were fantastic until I got hungry again about 11:00ish, despite this morning being a slight shift in my usual sleep schedule.

Sort of a snack: Approx. 8:35 am. Had a small café mocha from the cafeteria at work, as my manager flew in from New Orleans for a meeting today. Other than the fact that the coffee drink wasn’t quite paleo, the meeting was awesome.

(P)Rehab: Approx. 10:30 am. Rotator cuff work on both shoulders with a yellow stretch band from the fitness center at work.

Lunch: Approx. 11:10 am. Broiled chicken breast seasoned with paprika, cumin, and garlic pepper; guacamole; a small handful of raw unsalted sunflower seeds; a fairly massive salad consisting of organic spring mix, radishes, orange bell pepper, cucumber, shredded carrot, celery, asparagus, and green onion; 3 fish oil capsules. For some reason, I was hungry again by 1:00, though energy levels felt fine. I might blame the sugar from the coffee here, but we’ll see what happens the rest of the week before I pass final judgment.

Afternoon Snack: Approx. 1:05 pm. Small broiled chicken breast as above; guacamole with a pinch of sunflower seeds; handful of blueberries. Wound up yawning by 1:55, but my head was still clear.

Main Workout: Approx. 5:30 pm.

PWO Meal: Approx. 6:25 pm. Bowl of spaghetti squash with sugar-free organic sauce; chicken breast with guacamole; small glass of coconut milk; 3 fish oil capsules.

Evening Snack: Approx. 7:10 pm. Tilapia filet baked in coconut oil with lemon pepper; green beans (as my copies of The Paleo Diet and The Paleo Diet for Athletes are out on loan, I couldn’t determine quickly if those were legumes or not, and my wife had already cooked them).

Workout Results

(P)Rehab: Internal rotations: 15
External rotations: 10
Lateral raises: 15
Rows: 15

Main Workout: One round of the CrossFit warmup.
Light shoulder press warmup.
85# x 5, 100# x 5, 110# x 5 shoulder press.
Strict pullups – 5, 3, 3


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