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The Third Day – Liftin’ Some Dead

July 21, 2010

Well, not literally – I haven’t moved cadavers since high school (thankfully that juvenile record is sealed!). Unless you count meat on a fork, I don’t lift dead things terribly often. Deadlifts, on the other hand…

Also, by tomorrow I’ll have some “before” pics up here, alongside the measurements I had done last week and have forgotten to bring home from work every day since.

Breakfast: Approx. 7:10 am. Chicken breast, small bowl of blueberries, small glass of coconut milk. Unlike the past couple days, this didn’t do the breakfast job half as well, although that could also be blamed in part on a poor night’s sleep.

(P)Rehab: Yellow band rotator cuff exercises again! Today was internal rotations x 20, external rotations x 15, lateral raises x 15, rows x 20. I felt decent about doing a little extra for the shoulders as well, so I luanched straight into…

Workout 1: Recon Ron Step 7 for strict pullups and bar dips. 4, 4, 2, 2, 2 of each. Felt good, even after skipping this for a little over a week due to my wonderfully borked left shoulder.

Lunch: Approx. 10:45 am. Tilapia filet, rather massive salad, handful of pecans. Wound up grazing on that salad until nearly 2:30, so this meal sort of combined with the afternoon snack.

Afternoon Snack: Approx 2:45 pm. Tilapia filet, handful of pecans, finished off the massive salad from earlier. Wasn’t feeling all that sharp and alert today, but I didn’t get the best sleep last night. I also spent the entire day with my nose buried in two monitors blissfully coding away, and “alert” is one of the last words I’d apply to me in that state.

Workout 2: One round of the CrossFit warmup, a few light rounds of deadlifting, and then deadlifted 185# x 5, 205# x 5, and 225# x 10. I accidentally did 5# too much on the first set and 10# too little on the third, because we math majors aren’t the best in the world at simple arithmetic.

PWO Meal: Spaghetti squash in organic sauce, 6 strips nitrite free bacon, small glass of coconut milk, 3 fish oil caps.

Dinner: Approximately half a pound of free-range sausage, cucumber-tomato salad, a small glass of coconut milk, 3 fish oil caps.


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